Preview Mode Links will not work in preview mode Founder and Host, Dave Knight is a full time Police Officer who outside the workplace has been able to grow a multi-million dollar rental income portfolio.

First Responders Wealth Network Podcast was created to help ALL First Responders become educated and exposed to the possibilities of real estate investing, the strategies used to grow your wealth, and to stop relying on your paycheque and pensions alone.

Top millionaire investors, industry leading professionals, and success stories from other First Responder investors throughout Canada and United States are showcased weekly to share their journey and lessons learned.

Dave’s mission is to help educate, inspire to take action, create a network, and change ALL first responders mindset on how they approach their financial future or retirement. #911WealthNetwork 

Nov 20, 2018

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For years Erwin Szeto, along with his team, has been working hand-in-hand with real estate investors from all over Ontario to invest in St. Catharines, Hamilton, and the Kitchener-Waterloo surrounding areas.

What started with a couple of investments has grown into hundreds of residential investment properties worth tens of millions for his clients. 

Erwin’s team at Rock Star Real Estate work philosophy is to learn from best practices and share them with his clients to shorten the learning curve and expedite their own investment success.

If you think you can benefit from working with award-winning real estate professionals who are on the street implementing investing tactics every single day with an extensive track record of producing successful coaching clients then you should check them out.