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Sep 13, 2021

Real estate investment necessitates a significant sum, but there are certain techniques for obtaining a bargain in this industry.


In today’s episode, Cody Sperber, widely acclaimed as one of the most successful real estate investors and leading educators in the U.S. today, shares his thoughts and ideas on building your wealth through this business. 


Tune in to this episode now and learn more about real estate investment!



  • [5:26] How did Cody get into business in Real estate?
  • [8:45] What made him continue despite the failure of his first attempt in doing this business?
  • [10:17] How did Clever Investor start?
  • [10:56] What is wholesaling?
  • [14:20]What are the benefits of Real Estate Investing?
  • [19:23]What are the strategies of doing a deal in Real Estate?
  • [22:48] How does the US calculator work?
  • [24:11]What does wrap-around mortgage mean?
  • [30:24]What are the advantages of wholesaling?