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Apr 12, 2021

The effects of this ongoing pandemic has been detrimental to many. However aside from the health and safety concerns abroad, depending on your individual circumstance many have also thrived. Why? And how are you pivoting moving forward?

In this episode, we will be joined by Andrew Hines, a real estate investor and entrepreneur who’s currently keeping up with different ways to cope despite the pandemic and lockdowns. Andrew talks about escaping Ontario and living in Florida, and detailing the differences living outside the fear based media.

Real estate still proves to be an anchor for stability and cashflow even during these times. What else can we do to diversify and be proactive?



  • 6:57 Thinking of ways to diversify money in other areas
  • 13:20 Effect of lockdowns on businesses and what happens to small businesses wealth
  • 13:57 Effects of centralized power in small businesses
  • 19:20 Getting outside the fear narrative
  • 21:50 Having money and being able to run the business despite the pandemic
  • 22:30 Looking for potential properties to get in Florida
  • 26:21 Renewed and unrenewed student rentals
  • 26:53 Potential issues on student rentals
  • 29:49 Buying properties that could have different strategies
  • 32:20 Good markets to consider when investing in real estate
  • 34:40 Building your team/finding people you could trust




Andrew Hines | Real Estate Entrepreneur 

Podcast: Andrew Hines

IG handle: @theandrewhines