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Jan 21, 2022

“Infinite Banking is a process of understanding how financing works and how your cash flow works, and how banking works.” - Michael Sidhu

Have you ever been annoyed by the loan procedure, its intricacy, and delays? Have you ever missed out on a nice real estate purchase because you couldn't get a loan? Isn't it great if you could be your own banker? With infinite banking, you can.

In today’s episode, we are joined by Michael Sidhu. Currently, in his 26th year in the finance industry, Michael Sidhu holds certifications as a Certified Financial Planner, Financial Management Advisor, a Registered Critical Illness Specialist, and a Certified Infinite Banking Practitioner.  Since 2007, Michael’s practical & tactical focus has been in the areas of corporate and business succession planning, intergenerational wealth transfers, trusts, tax-focused financial planning strategies for high-income professionals, business owners, and real estate investors. 

He also collaborates with other specialists in the areas of investments, benefits, precious metals and bullion, and global capital transactions. His practice is focused on increasing clients’ financial intelligence and helping them shift their mindset towards their economic potential by controlling more of their earned and unearned income, with a sharp focus on values of critical thinking. His prior experience in residential and commercial lending and underwriting helps him understand the value leveraging brings to creating wealth.

If you are tied up with the hassles of getting a loan and you want to know Infinite Banking better, then this episode is for you!



[03:08] What is Infinite Banking and how does it work?

[10:43] Why is it necessary to understand Infinite Banking?

[11:54] The Idea of Opportunity Cost

[16:51] The Secret to Creating Wealth

[19:06] Utilizing Policy for Real Estate Space

[24:33] Why rates don’t matter in real estate?

[26:35] How does Infinite Banking work in handling down policies?

[33:12] Dropping Your Accounts On Policies 



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