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Aug 13, 2022

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If you are planning to invest in real estate properties, one of the most important things that you must consider is the place. Is it livable and affordable for those who might consider living and renting in the area? As an investor, will it provide you with increased cash flow and high returns? Will you be able to enjoy it along the way with your family?

In today’s episode, we are joined by Amy and Ally as they talk about the good side of investing in Arizona and how Canadians like you can do it. They will also tackle increasing your cash flow despite the inflation and rising interest rates.

The Amy and Ally Team straight up from Canada has been awarded as Top Award Winning Realtors in Vancouver and has already sold over $420 million in real estate. They were also awarded as one of the top advisors in Engel Volkers North America and Mexico.

What are you waiting for? Tune in to this episode now! Don’t forget to share it with a friend or two!



(04:09) Amy and Ally’s first deal in Scottsdale Arizona

(04:16) The Importance of Studying Economic Fundamentals

(07:53) Investing properties in Arizona

(10:42) What did Amy and Ally find to be the biggest hurdle for their clients without having their assistance?

(12:29) Difficulties faced by Canadians in getting properties across the borders

(15:01) Focusing on the affordability and livability in Arizona

(19:15) Curating your dream lifestyle through mortgages

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Amy & Ally