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Aug 21, 2019

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One of my most meaningful episodes yet! This is so important for every first responder or shift worker out there. Assessing yourself in all areas of life is crucial and an important habit to get into… this includes relationships, personally, finically, and your particularly your health.


I talk a lot about the importance of building wealth outside the workplace, but without your health, there is no wealth or true freedom. We are fortunate to have benefits and depending on where you are those coverage’s can vary, so use it and invest in yourself first. I can personally relate to the power of Dr. Cowans work as a naturopathic doctor. To be truthful I didn’t really understand the scope of a Naturopaths work, but I was referred to Dr. Cowan, and now here we are.   


After my initial testing, I learned that I was operating and producing only 40% of my capacity and energy levels because my cortisol levels were shot. This was due to many things (which we discuss in our interview).

In this episode, I was an open book and shared my test results. It was an eye-opener, but more importantly, I hope it helps others. Dr. Cowan shares that after the thousands of tests his team has done with first responders particularly, my test results were “textbook first responder and shift worker numbers”.


There’s a trend here and it needs to be addressed. Believe it or not, root of most issues start in your gut, and the connection between “gut and the brain”. If neglected, it can lead to, anxiety & stress (which I was experiencing), depression, and even mental health issues.


So go get tested and see where you’re at. Be proactive, not reactive towards your wellness.



Guest Bio


Dr. Cowan ND is a Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and leading authority and practitioner of high-performance medicine who is most recognized for his work with professional athletes both nationally and internationally. His approach focuses on maximizing
the health of his patients to get them feeling amazing, performing phenomenally and maintaining optimal health to prevent the occurrence of illness and injury.

Dr. Cowan integrates the latest and most advanced modern scientific diagnostics with a comprehensive medical understanding of the body and how it works to identify the root causes of occurring issues and key areas for improvement. His treatments are tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of each patient for the most effective results and long-term health benefits.




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