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Oct 2, 2021

When making a choice, there are several factors to consider. It is vital to have the ability to make decisions. We are deprived of our natural rights when we are denied the ability to choose. The most important thing we can do is fight for our rights. The other part is that we should demand our rights and understand how and when to use them since ​​these rights provide us power and empower us to speak up for what we think is right and justifiable.

In this episode, John Knox, a former firefighter, builds a group that believes that all of the citizens have the freedom of choice and natural rights. Listen to this episode now and learn how you can fight for your rights!



  • [15:00] Who Is John Knox?
  • [17:00] John Knox's Background
  • [20:17] What is the message and purpose of the Firefighters for Freedom?
  • [28:00] Fighting the city mandate as the focus of the group
  • [30:58] Who are the members of their team?
  • [35:40] What is one of their main reasons why they kept on moving?
  • [40:23] The strategy of "Divide and Conquer"
  • [47:26] His opinion on forcing people for the safety of everybody
  • [51:46] His belief in mandating everyone to get vaccinated
  • [58:46] Knowing more about the vaccine's adverse effects