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Oct 23, 2021

Through the mastermind's techniques and experiences, real estate masterminds have been known to help investors quadruple or treble their firms. It will not only transform your business but will also assist you in forming relationships that will help you close more sales in the future.


You may or may not agree, but as a real estate investor, you should consider joining mastermind groups to help you grow your business to new heights.


In today’s episode, we will be joined by Joseph McCabe, an Entrepreneur from Philadelphia. Owner of 4 RE/MAX Affiliates Offices, CEO of Home | Front Mortgage, Owner of Keystone State Abstract, LLC, Vista Abstract LLC, and many other title agencies, Managing Partner of Surefire Group holding over 60 properties. 


Joseph is also a managing partner in multiple home care agencies with gross revenue of 15 million nationwide. Joseph has many LP investments in the Tech and HealthCare space, including a board position with Lease Pitch. He's a Proud Veteran of the US Army Military Police Corps, and a Philadelphia Native graduating from Father Judge High School and Attending Pennsylvania State University and Cabrini College. He is a founding member of the National Museum of the Army at Fort Belvoir, VA. Joseph is a private pilot and leases airplanes at the northeast airport to flight schools. Joe enjoys traveling with his wife, Collecting Historical American art, Flying, and Powerlifting.


Listen to this podcast now and learn how mastermind groups could help you grow in your real estate journey!




  • [01:51] Why did Joseph describe his 2020 as full throttle?
  • [06:35] What opportunity arises at Necker Island
  • [07:30] What changes Joseph's mind on flipping houses?
  • [08:30] How Joseph's Mastermind Group helped him in his success
  • [12:05] Go Abundance: Membership and Net-worth Requirements
  • [13:31] How did Joseph hit off with Richard Branson?
  • [18:24] Joseph's takeaway from his weekend in Necker Island
  • [23:34] What is Go Abundance?
  • [26:10] Joseph's 1st Mastermind Group that changed his life
  • [30:54] How did Joseph's journey go in the past, and how is it going now?



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